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About the Company

At Landes & Associates, our work is rooted in a core question that we pose to all of our clients.

How good are you at delivering on the promises you make and the expectations you create inside and outside your organization?

In the end, that’s the ultimate measure of who wins in the game of business.

If you want to improve the alignment between your promises and your performance, we can help. Using a combination of employee engagement and marketing communication tools and techniques, we will help you give employees inside your organization what they need to stay on track with one another … so they can give people outside in the marketplace what you promised – and what they expect.

Let us show you how to create that kind of alignment … and make that crucial connection between employee engagement and customer loyalty.

About the President

Founder and president of Landes & Associates, Les Landes is the former head of communications for one of the world’s largest food companies.  Speaking at conferences and seminars across the country, he is well known for his trademark message about the perils of the quality “program trap.”

Author of numerous articles, his areas of expertise range from communication to marketing to organizational development to employee engagement and more.  Most importantly, he brings a unique perspective on how to ensure that those elements are aligned in a way that brings out the best in all of them.


Great performance takes a great team … and Landes & Associates has one of the best in the business.

  • Paul Birk – Senior Consultant with Landes & Associates and former human resources executive with extensive experience in employee engagement, talent management and strategic communication.
  • Christopher Horner – Senior Consultant with Landes & Associates, provides strategic counsel in marketing and public relations, as well as executive and employee communication, based on extensive experience with major corporations and agencies.
  • Gil Lewis – Senior Consultant with Landes & Associates, providing expert guidance on continuous improvement and employee engagement, drawing heavily on extensive experience as an HR executive and an examiner for the Missouri Quality Award sponsored by the Excellence in Missouri Foundation.
  • Michael Simms  – Senior consultant with Landes & Associates and former general manager of Baldrige Award winner Wainwright Industries with documented best practices in leadership development, measurement systems and continuous improvement.
  • Opinions Incorporated – One of the country’s leading providers of employee and customer surveys
  • Jim Shaffer Group  – Helping organizations “nail the execution” to deliver on strategy, making sure the right people with the right knowledge and skills do the right things at the right time.
  • Beyond Concepts  – Charting a compelling course for breakthrough thinking in business innovation, and providing the structure for converting concepts into assets and assets into action.
  • The Great Game of Business  – Guiding organizations in the design and implementation of “open book management.”

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