Service Areas

Building Connections

High performance organizations know how to make a clear and compelling connection between employee priorities and customer expectations. At Landes & Associates, we provide expertise in Employee EngagementMarketing Communication and
Leadership Services to help organizations build those vital connections.


ImaginAction System  – Use this powerful tool to help your employees think outside the suggestion box and produce dramatic improvements!

ImaginActionWorkshop  – Learn how to tap into the breakthrough potential of your workforce, and create the type of organization where employees love to work and customers love doing business.

Cultural Assessment – Discover employee perceptions of your organization’s current values and those they would prefer as your ideal values.

Real-Life Real-Time Communication – Make the most of your organization’s central nervous system.

Mission Control – Give employees a tool to see relevant data and information on the organization’s performance and how their roles contribute to the organization’s success.

Performance Development Process – Turn the dreaded annual performance review into a win-win process that employees enjoy gettingand supervisors enjoy giving.


Public & Media Relations – Connect with external stakeholders clearly, convincingly and credibly.

Promotional Programs & Materials – Make the right impression with well designed and precisely targeted messages and images.

Customer Satisfaction System – Get rapid, reliable data for making quick adjustments to customer needs.

Brand Development – Branding is vital to the success of any organization – but perhaps not in the way that most people think.

Anniversaries & Milestones – Turn major celebrations into significant business building opportunities.

Community Investment – Learn how you can make sound strategic decisions in fulfilling your duty as a good corporate citizen.


Leadership Guidance and Alignment – This process is designed to break down silos and create alignment with your management team. It begins with our unique Cultural Assessment, followed by a Start … Stop … Continue exercise for each person on the team to declare the actions they will take to close the gaps between thecurrent and target values identified in the assessment.

Executive Coaching – Even the best managers know they can benefit from sound outside counsel at times.

Strategic Planning – Learn how to keep your plans from gathering dust on the shelf by getting employees engaged at the front end of the process.

Meeting Facilitation – Get the objective outside support you need to work through thorny group issues efficiently and productively.


Talent Acquisition Services – People are the most powerful variable you can control to create a successful business. We can help make sure you’ve got the right people in the right place at the right time. And we can do it fast and affordably.