Marketing & PR

Marketing & Public Relations

All businesses face the same basic marketing challenge – how to connect with the people who are willing and able to buy their products and services.  We help organizations meet that challenge successfully using a dynamic process based on four key design principles.

  • Planning that tests assumptions  and produces  action
  • Relationship Building that transforms marketing into something you do with customers and prospects instead of to them
  • Integration of multiple, well-coordinated tools with a keen sense of when to use each one
  • Sharing the Story  in a way that sets your organization apart from the crowd and engages customers

Drawing on those design principles, we create programs for clients using a variety of marketing communication strategies and tactics in the following areas:

Public & Media Relations – Leverage the power and reach of traditional and social media with a compelling approach to sharing “the story” by that resonates with your stakeholders and engages your customers.

Promotional Programs & Materials – Make the right impression with well-designed and precisely targeted messages and images.

Customer Satisfaction System – Get rapid, reliable data for making quick adjustments to customer needs.

Brand Development – Build and articulate your brand in a way that resonates with your customers and moves them to action.

Anniversaries & Milestones – Turn major celebrations into significant business- building opportunities.

Community Investment/Corporate Social Responsibility – Make sound strategic decisions that align your organization’s goals with your commitment to being a good corporate citizen.