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These free resources offer guidance and direction on various types of systems, processes, assessments and checklists that can help you in creating a strong employee engagement culture in your organization.

Getting to the Heart of Employee EngagementGetting to the Heart of Employee Engagement: The Power and Purpose of Imagination and Free Will in the Workplace – Download the first chapeter of Les Landes’ business fable.

Free Continuous Improvement Guide

ImaginAction System Guide:
Learn the detailed design of our system for getting employees tuned in and turned on to continuous improvement.

Real-Life Real-Time Communication Guide: The 7 Core Elements of Effective Organizational Communication

Real-Life, Real-Time
Communication Guide:

Learn how to make the most of your organization’s “central nervous system” using our Real-Life, Real-Time Communication model.

Real-Life Real-time Communication AssessmentReal-Life Real-Time
Communication Assessment:

Rate the effectiveness of your communication efforts using our simple Excel-based assessment tool.

closingthedistance-playbuttonClosing the Distance:  This engaging PowerPoint presentation, available either as a PDF document or a video with musical background, features thoughtful reflections on effective communication.

Green Lights & Red Flags

Readiness for Change Checklist:

Use this free self-assessment tool to get a glimpse into your organization’s readiness to create and implement a systematic performance improvement plan.

Free Posters


People Are Solutions:

You need  to keep employees engaged in good times and in bad.  Here’s an important reminder for dealing with people when things don’t go as expected. You can download, print and display this colorful poster!

Thousands of Raindrops Poster

Thousands of Raindrops:

When it comes to continuous improvement, every little drop of engagement and effort counts.  Remind everyone in your organization how important they are to your “ocean.”  You can download, print and display this colorful poster!

Landes & Associates Info Sheets

 Continuous Improvement System:

With the Continuous Improvement System by Landes & Associates, you can replace the traps of traditional suggestion programs with tools and techniques that get employees engaged in taking continuous action to make improvements – fast and often.

ImaginAction Workshop:

imaginaction-workshop-sheetDuring this customized, two-day event, your team will IMAGINE the possibilities for exceptional employee engagement – and then lay out a course of ACTION for realizing the dream – for your employees, your customers and your business.

Leadership Guidance & Alignment:
Download Leadership Guidance and Alignment Info SheetThis process is designed to break down silos and create alignment with your management team. It begins with our unique Cultural Assessment, followed by a Start … Stop … Continue exercise for each person on the team to declare the actions they will take to close the gaps between the current and target values identified in the assessment.

 Real-Life Real-Time Communication:

Real-Life Real-Time CommunicationIf communication a lightning rod of discontent in your organization,
Landes & Associates can help. Using an approach called Real-Life, Real-Time Communication, we can help you create a best-in-class communication system.

Supervisor and Manager Workshop:
This one-day workshop provides front-line supervisors and managers learn the basic principles and practices of effective employee engagement, as well as guidelines for developing team scoreboards and conducting effective employee huddles.

Talent Acquisition:
Talent Acquisition Info SheetPeople are the most powerful variable you can control to create a successful business. We can help make sure you’ve got the right people in the right place at the right time. And we can do it fast and affordably.