Connecting the Dots

Connecting the DotsVirtually all organizations have a few key things in common. First and foremost, they all want to be successful. They also all have customers. Call them consumers or taxpayers or students or  patients or clients or patrons or donors … or whatever you want. In the end, customer satisfaction largely dictates an organization’s success.

Those same organizations also all have employees. Call them associates or co-workers or partners or colleagues or whatever you want. In the end, their sense of trust and goodwill toward the organization determines how they relate to customers . . . and how satisfied those customers will be.

Connect the dots, and the picture becomes clear. Making employee trust and well-being the organization’s top strategic priority is more than a nice thing to do. It’s just good business.

But it takes more than perks, plaudits, and pats on the back to get employees tuned in and turned on. It requires a whole new perspective on how to maintain positive adult-to-adult relationships in the workplace. It also takes the right kind of “people-first” policies, practices and processes to put that perspective into practice and make it all work.

At Landes & Associates, we offer a variety of systematic “people-first” processes in the following key areas:

  •  Measurement
  •  Rewards and recognition
  •  Communication
  •  Learning and development
  •  Continuous improvement

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