Leadership Services

When the “quality movement” began to take hold in American businesses in the 1980s, many managers were forced to reevaluate their approach to leadership.  The mandate shifted from traditional authority and control to a model that encouraged a more collaborative approach that engaged employees in greater dialogue and decision-making. For many managers, it was not an easy transition, and many still struggle with it at times.

At Landes & Associates, we understand the challenge of leadership in a collaborative work environment, and we provide support for organizational leaders in a variety of areas to help them meet that challenge.

  • Leadership Guidance & Alignment: This process is designed to break down silos and create alignment with your management team. It begins with our unique Cultural Assessment, followed by a Start … Stop … Continue exercise for each person on the team to declare the actions they will take to close the gaps between the current and target values identified in the assessment.
  • Leadership CoachingEven the best managers know they can benefit from sound outside counsel at times.
  • Meeting FacilitationLearn how to keep your plans from gathering dust on the shelf by getting employees engaged at the front end of the process.
  • Strategic Planning Get the objective outside support you need to work through thorny group issues efficiently and productively.