Employee Engagement

Few pursuits have captured the passion of American business as fervently as the quest to unleash the power of people. While some of those efforts have been fruitful, significant employee engagement remains largely untapped in U.S. companies.

Landes & Associates offers a variety of tools and techniques for optimizing employee engagement and bringing out the best that people have to contribute to their organizations.

Continuous Improvement System  – Use this powerful tool to help you think outside the suggestion box and produce dramatic improvements!

ImaginAction Workshop  – Learn how to tap into the breakthrough potential of your workforce, and create the type of organization where employees love to work and customers love doing business.

Cultural Assessment – Discover leadership perceptions of your organization’s current values and those they would prefer as your ideal values.

Real-Life Real-Time Communication – Make the most of your organization’s central nervous system.

Mission Control – Give employees a tool to see relevant data and information on the organization’s performance and how their roles contribute to the organization’s success.

Performance Development Process – Turn the dreaded annual performance review into a win-win process that employees enjoy getting and supervisors enjoy giving.