Real-Life Real-Time Communication Assessment Tool

Improving communication within your organization starts with assessing current communication effectiveness.

Use our free Excel assessment tool to rate your communication functions (such as newsletters, intranet, and town hall meetings), from 1 (low) to 10 (high) on the following core elements of effective organizational communication:

1) Interaction: Is communication truly two-way? If not, it’s only message distribution.

2) Speed: How quickly is important information made available to employees?

3) Availability: How open is your policy about the type of information you share with employees?

4) Access: Can employees access information easily, or do they have to jump through hoops to find it?

5) Relevance: Are employees receiving information that’s most vital to their work and company priorities?

6) Inclusion: Are pertinent employees kept in the loop, or are some people being left out?

7) Authenticity: Is current communication sincere and transparent or sanitized and glamorized?

What can you learn from completing this assessment? Rating your performance for each of your communication functions allows you to identify gaps and opportunities for potential improvements. Once you have completed this assessment, Landes & Associates can work with you to develop communications strategies and processes to ensure that employees are tuned in to the information that is most vital to their work as well as company priorities.

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