Performance Development

Performance DevelopmentHow many organizations do you know where employees love getting their performance appraisals and their supervisors love giving them?  Truth be told, the answer is not many.  Next to communication, performance appraisals are rated by most employees as one of their organization’s greatest failings.  They’re not timely … they’re highly subjective … and the emphasis is more on judgment than performance development – just to name a few major flaws.

Landes & Associates offers a performance development process that overcomes these shortcomings and gets people tuned in and turned on to performance reviews.  It starts with a fundamental shift from focusing on appraisal of the past to development for the future, incorporating the following principles in the process:

  • Accentuate the positive and build on people’s strengths without targeting their weaknesses
  • Stop the rating game and get away from the numbers that splinter teamwork
  • Remove compensation from the conversation and focus on development plans that lead to improved performance
  • Align individual development plans with personal goals and key company drivers so it’s win-win proposition for the organization and employee alike.

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