Anniversaries and Milestones

Celebrating Anniversaries & MilestonesCelebrating history. Creating connections. Building value. 

An anniversary or other major milestone offers a rare opportunity to accomplish two overriding goals:

  • Create a celebration that’s full of fun and recognition for everyone involved with your organization – employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and communities
  • Enhance your organization’s image to help you leap-frog the competition and boost your bottom line

Without a carefully drawn road map, though, major anniversaries can be a trial of confusion and costly missteps that waste valuable staff time and company dollars.  It’s easy to get lost in a bewildering maze of “great ideas” that make little strategic sense for your organization – and often fail to deliver the expected return on investment.

At Landes & Associates, we can help you make the most of your anniversary and milestone celebrations.  We can give you the support and direction to develop targeted strategies, identify measurable goals, and apply a wide range of tactics – public relations, advertising, special events, employee engagement, and community relations.  Every facet of our work with anniversary clients is aimed at turning your milestones into major business-building occasions.

Our services can be as simple as a single consulting session with your anniversary planning team to help them develop general guidelines.  Or we can offer a turnkey solution, helping you design and implement every aspect of your entire anniversary program. To learn how we have helped a variety of organizations celebrate milestones with results, download our Case Studies Packet.

Whatever your needs may be, we invite you to download our free Celebration Pre-Planning Checklist .  We encourage you to use it to assess your readiness for an anniversary celebration.  It’s a great tool to help you guide your planning efforts – pointing you toward strategies and tactics that produce genuine value – and sincere appreciation for everyone associated with your organization.