Community Investment

Community InvestmentFew companies dispute the responsibility they have to support not-for-profit organizations that help enrich the communities in which their employees work and live.  The challenge is in understanding how to “open your heart without losing your head.”

When it comes to supporting the community, companies need to think about their response in terms of charity and compassion, of course, but they also must think in terms of return on investment.  They may not look at that return in the same way they evaluate the cost/benefit impact of a new piece of machinery, but they have a duty to consider their investment in terms of several other key criteria, such as:

  • What will do the greatest good for the largest number of people, considering the amount of money we have to donate?
  • What investments are most consistent with the mission and competency of our company?
  • Which organizations are well-equipped to manage the resources the community gives them to do their work?
  • What type of support matters most to our company’s stakeholders – especially our owners and our employees?

It can be highly beneficial to support organizations where employees give their own time and money.  To support that type of initiative, Landes & Associates has developed the Employee Volunteer Grant Program to assist organizations who want to target a portion of their donation dollars toward employee volunteer efforts.

The main thrust and rationale for the program is quite simple.  When you demonstrate that you value the community spirit of your employees, it’s a win-win-win for all involved – the company, the community and the employee.  In the process, you foster positive relationships that offer long-term benefits for everyone.