Mission Control

Mission Control

Most people are familiar with the old bromide – “What gets measured is what gets done.” That’s only partly true. How people communicate about those measurements also determines not only what gets done, but how efficiently and effectively people do it.

As a practical matter, it’s challenging for most organizations to figure out how to share relevant information in a way that’s readily accessible to all employees. The solutions vary depending on the nature of the information, the business and people involved. For certain types of essential operating information, Landes & Associates offers a tool that has been remarkably effective for numerous organizations, including winners of the Baldrige National Quality Award.

Mission ControlWe call it “Mission Control” – and its design is based on several essential communication principles:

Purpose and Benefits

  • Prioritize, organize and visualize performance data
  • Display “big-picture” connection among key data indicators
  • Provide central alert system for sharing data on key indicators and taking corrective action on needed improvements

Aligning with Key Organizational Measurement Areas

  • Business goals
  • Employee engagement
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Financial performance

Making Metrics Work

  • Organize and prioritize indicators
  • Provide frequent and timely reporting and review
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it visible and visual
  • Connect individual and department priorities to big picture
  • Make it quantitative wherever possible
  • Emphasize systematic continuous improvement
  • Set stretch targets
  • Establish predetermined actions in response to data variations that occur

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