New Podcast! You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Earlier this year, I was honored to be interviewed for the inaugural production of a new podcast called “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.” Produced by  Innovative Business Advisors, the podcast delves into the meat of my work in the areas of organizational communication, employee engagement and systematic continuous improvement.  It’s not a short story – about 53 minutes long. It’s more like a “biographical webinar” in the form of a dialogue with the program’s producer and IBA partner, Steve Denny, who does a really superb job of interviewing. If you’ve found my many  Inside Out blogs of interest, this webinar weaves lots of my principles and practices into one nice package. So sit back, relax, munch on the snack of your choice – and enjoy the show!

You can also listen to the podcast on most major platforms: