Inside Out E-Column: Aligning Employee Engagement with Marketing Communications

Social Origin Podcast Features Les Landes

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast produced by Social Origin, and I wanted to share it with you. It gave me an opportunity to offer some new perspectives on important principles and practices for effective employee engagement and alignment.

We covered an array of topics like …

  • The need to start with the right mind-set and heart-set about people in the workplace before designing the right systems and processes for getting employees tuned in and turned on
  • Why organizations need to nurture the uniquely human gifts of imagination and free will in order for people to excel
  • The vital importance of focusing on the little things that count when it comes to maintaining a culture of continuous improvement
  • How to make accountability constructive instead of punishing
  • The value of putting personal and professional development of each individual at the forefront of business priorities

And lots more. Click here to listen now. Hope you enjoy it!

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