Employee Engagement Webinar

Your team is good but there is unmet potential. Something is missing.

Hands holding rope forming a heart with white space for textEverywhere you turn in the world of employee performance the word ENGAGEMENT is popping up. In the wake of the economic downturn, organizations are realizing that investing in employee engagement is more than a nice thing to do. It’s good business.

Problem is, there’s confusion about employee engagement; how to do it effectively and sustain it?

Landes & Associates Presents:
Getting to the Heart of Employee Engagement

Watch this 90-minute webinar and you’ll take away:

• A deeper understanding of how engagement strengthens the bottom line
• Ways to propel the “human rocket” of performance
• How to communicate in a way that makes a genuine connection with employees
• An effective alternative to employee suggestion programs
• A proven method for sharing organizational data to empower employees
• Ways to close gaps between the culture you have and the one you want

Who should watch?

Anyone who is passionate or empowered to improve employee engagement or communications within your organization – whether you are in Human Resources, Talent Management, Communications, Training, Operations, or Lean Processes.

2 thoughts on “Employee Engagement Webinar”

    1. Thanks for the note, Steve. I think you’ll find that most of the principles and practices we’ll discuss in the webinar are readily applicable to companies of any size. As a practical matter, the smaller the company, the easier it is to implement – simply because the more people you have, the more re-connections you have to make and the more complicated it can be to make changes in systems and processes to get everyone operating on the same page. Feel free to call me, and we can discuss more at length if you’d like. My number is 314-664-6497.

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